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Teachers of every SMA RSBI throughout Central Java are supposed to be active in writing and encouraging their students to write.

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Hello Friends, why are we lazy to write?

Let’s continue writing.


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Tegal in Letters


This report is arranged to fulfill English Assignment


Arranged by :

  1. Dimas Raditya bahwono         ( XII NS 5 )
  2. Fathan Maula A                     ( XII NS 5 )
  3. Gita Suksesi                           ( XII NS 5 )
  4. Rizqi Amalia                        ( XII NS 5 )
  5. Sila Pinastika M.                   ( XII NS 5 )
  6. Cahyo Sugianto                     ( XII SS 1 )
  7. Vincent Adrian Wiennata       ( XII SS 2 )



K. H. Wahid Hasyim Street 1 Post Box 6 Telp. ( 0283 ) 491164

Tegal Regency, is one of regencies in Central Java province. The capital is Slawi, located about 14 km south of Tegal. This district borders the city of Tegal and the Java Sea in the north, Pemalang in the east, Banyumas in the south, and Brebes in the south and west.

The northern part of the Tegal regency is lowlands. In the south is mountainous, with the peak of Mount Slamet (3428 meters), the highest mountain in Central Java. At the border with the Pemalang regency, there are a series of hills that are not too steep. Among the major rivers that flow is Kali Gung and Kali Erang, both eyed the water at the upstream of Mount Slamet.

Tegal regency consists of 18 sub-districts, which is divided again over a number of villages and urban villages. Administrative center is located in Slawi Sub-district. Slawi was once a city sub-district, which later developed into the capital of the district which had previously been in Tegal City.


Slawi is famous for its tea production and culture moci. Although famous for its tea, Slawi is not a plateau that the cold with many tea gardens. However, Slawi is an area that is close to Pantura so that the temperature tends to heat with the contour of the slope and not hilly.


North             : Adiwerna Sub-district

South             : Lebaksiu Sub-district

West             : Dukuhwaru Sub-district

East             : Pangkah Sub-district


Administrative Distribution

Slawi Subdistrict consists of 5 illage and 5 urban-village, namely:

  • Village
  1. Dukuhsalam
  2. Dukuhwringin
  3. Kalisapu
  4. Slawi Kulon
  5. Trayeman
  6. Kagok
  7. Kudaile
  8. Pakembaran
  9. Procot
  10. Slawi Wetan
  • Urban Village

Government Structure

Alamat: Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto 1, Slawi
Telp: (0283) 491025


Plt. Camat:


PAMBUDIONO, BASekcam:PAMBUDIONO, BAKasubag Perencanaan dan Keuangan:NUR MUFTIAHKasubag Umum & Kepegawaian:HERMAN, S.IPKasi Tata Pemerintahan:Dra. SUMIYATIKasi Ketentraman dan Ketertiban Umum:SUCIPTOKasi Pemberdayaan Masyarakat, Desa dan Lingkungan Hidup:HADI WIYONOKasi Perekonomian dan Kesejahteraan Rakyat:ENDANG SUGIARTI, SHKasi Komunikasi dan Informatika:SUSANI, S.IP

  • THE AREA : 1.361,48  ha
  •  TOTAL RT            : 298
  •  TOTAL RW           : 66

Source : Data Of Slawi Subregency Office In 2010


  • MALE                            : 33.636
  • FEMALE                       : 35.019
  • MALE + FEMALE        : 68.655
  • SEX RATIO                    :  96
  • Population Average/km2 : 4420 per km2


  • Government Kindergarten          : 1
  • Private Kindergarten                  : 17
  • Government Elementary School   : 45
  • Private Elementary School                : 1
  • Government JHS                        : 3
  • Private JHS                                : 2
  • Government SHS/VHS              : 5
  • Private SHS/VHS                       : 2



  • 1990 :  4,78
  • 2000 :  4,64
  • 2010 :  4,93

Source : Result Of Population Census in Slawi In 2010


  • Total Family Chief                       : 18.948
  • Family Member Average : 4,06

Source : Data Of BPS In 2010


  • Governement Hospital   : 1
  • Private Hospital             : 1
  • Puskesmas                  : 1


  • Big Industry                : 7
  • Labor                            : 2430
  • Small Industry            : 224
  • Labor                            : 1101


  • Mosque                          :13
  • Church                                     : 2
  • Klenteng                                  : 1
  • Pura                                         : –
  • Vihara                                     : –   

Source : Data Of BPS In 2010



Livelihoods of residents in the Slawi Sub-district among others farming, civil servants, industrial metals, and household industry which includes the timber industry (teak furniture), textiles (weaving traditional sarong), shuttle cock, and others. Slawi is a city in which the embryo of the leading tea factory in Indonesia, that is Sosro.


Tegal language has similarities with the language Banyumas (ngapak) is in the vocabulary. But most people in Tegal do not want to equated with ngapak, because it dialect different. Territory in vocabulary include: the north, namely Tegal City and Tegal Regency, west part, namely Pemalang Regency, and the eastern part, namely Brebes.

Famous Figure In Slawi :

  • Limbad    ( Well-Known Fakir Magician )


Other cultures that can be found in Slawi are wayang kulit and traditional batik. There is also a handicraft industry and metal industry.

Places of Interest

  • Town Square Slawi (AAS), a garden with a fountain that is very large, crowded on Sunday morning and evening week, located at the front page of pavilion Tegal regency.
  • Monument of Struggle GBN (Procot)
  • Shop Trade Center Slawi
  • Pearls of Light (the first supermarket) in downtown Slawi is located in front of the shop Slawi
  • Dedy Jaya Plaza Slawi, namely supermarket located on Jl. Ahmad Yani, Procot
  • Mako-fourth Infantry Brigade (Infantry Brigade Command Headquarters)
  • Lions and Rama Cinemas (eks)
  • Tambun (Garden of Flowers)
  • Torch Statue Roundabout  (Pakembaran)
  • Stadion Tri Sanja
  • Masjid Agung in front of the monument GBN Slawi
  • SDN 01 procot (Dutch heritage) on Jl. Nangka No.3 Procot
  • Slawi Station
  • Gedung Rakyat
  • Tea Gopek Factory
  • Pengadilan Negeri Slawi
  • Gedung Dakwah Muhamaddiyah
  • Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan
  • Slawi Bus Station
  • PLN Slawi
  • Slawi Sub-regency office
  • PDAM
  • Dinas Kabupaten
  • Radio Pertiwi FM
  • Samsat UP3AD
  • Trayeman Market
  • Gedung KORPRI
  • Dinas Kesehatan
  • Rumah Sakit Adella
  • Museum Sekolah
  • Kantor Perpustakaan Arsip Daerah
  • PMI
  • Pilkita Factory
  • Puskesmas
  • STIKES Bahmada
  • Gedung Tenis Baru


Typical Food

Some typical food and related activities:

  • Moci – Culture of drinking tea as friends chatting, usually abuzz. Tea brewed in the soil pot (pot tea), then poured into a cup with sugar-sweetened rock. Tea in the cup is not stirred, so that the sweet taste  found at tea content in the cup is running out. This causes the cup continue to poured.
  • Mendoan – Tempe fried flour coated with spices. Fried half-baked. Usually as friend Moci, served with soy sauce mixed with chili. Mendoan also found in the area Banyumas.
  • Sega Lengko – Lengko Rice is rice with supplementary materials such as tempeh, tofu is sliced ​​dice, sprouts, raw cabbage, and peanut sauce and crackers.
  • Tahu Aci – Tofu yellow that cut in half with a diagonal direction of the cut which later was given the diagonal sago flour in dough (aci in tegal language) and then fried.
  • Rujak Teplak with tape sauce.
  • Kupat glabed.
  • Pilus – small food / snacks from wheat flour.
  • Krupuk antor.
  • Opak – a thin round cut of cassava, delicious eaten with sambal
  • Sate blengong (marriage between ducks and menthok).
  • Rice Ponggol Setan (Pongset)
  • Olos is food like bakwan, containing vegetables such as cabbage and other distinctive taste that is spicy.
  • Tahu Pletok – Tahu pletok is not the same as tahu aci,so where is the difference?Here is the difference, if tahu aci is made from yellow tahu, then tahu pletok is made from brown-covered tahu. Usually this brown-covered tahu is triangular in shape. To make tahu pletok, brown-covered tahu is divided into two pieces but not done cutting. Make it being rectangular. Then, its top is given flour mould (aci), have it fried till being crisp and crunchy.

Food Places Famous

•    Mie Semplo in front of the theater Lions

•    Soto Pusdok Cessnasari, rear PLN

•    Sate Kambing No.4 (rear Slawi PLN)

•    Sate Tomo

•    Bakso Kumis

•     Martabak Manis in Slawi Station.

•    Es Lontrong in Kampung Budimulya alley.

Anggota kelompok

Arranged by :

1.        Dimas Raditya bahwono          ( XII NS 5 )

2.        Fathan Maula A                              ( XII NS 5 )

3.        Gita Suksesi                          ( XII NS 5 )

4.        Rizqi Amalia                         ( XII NS 5 )

5.        Sila Pinastika M.                 ( XII NS 5 )

6.        Cahyo Sugianto                              ( XII SS 1 )

7.        Vincent Adrian Wiennata                    ( XII SS 2 )

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Cipendok Waterfall

Cipendok Waterfall

 Hi guys,.. My Name is Nimas Linggar Panggraita, My family calls me inggang, and my friends call me Ing, and my teacher call me Nimas.So you can call me Inggang, Ing, or Nimas. I was born on Banyumas 12 June 1993 I live in Karanglo, exactly at pramuka street No.11 Karanglo Cilongok municipality. I’m studying in sman ajibarang. My hobbies are singing, dancing, listening to music,and sport. at school,I follow an extra program that is dance,because I like dancing,and I can do the traditional end modern dance. Do you know I do not have any favorite foods,cuz I like all kinds of food. And my favorite singer is Michael Jackson The King of Pop. I really like him, cause he is smart, elegant, have high level of society, and he is the greatest entertainer in the world. I Like his performance, his songs, and his style. I often singing and dancing like him.

The nearest tourism object in my resident is cipendok waterfall. There are so many ways to reach the object. The way to reach the object is quite easy. You can get on public micro bus. You  spend only ten thousand rupiahs. And you do not need  to bring food, cause there are so many food stall along the road. Like meat balls,chicken noodles and many more. So don’t think u will get hungry.

And if you bring your private car, there is wide space for your car. From the parking space u can only take a walk but It doesn’t make you tired. The beauty of forest landscape along the path will forget your tiredness. Here we go we bring the image for you

Very beauty isn’t it ? And don’t forget to bring your own camera, cause there are so many object that you can snap into your album.

Temporarily that’s all my first spotlight,  we can develop it soon, so keep in touch with us, see ya !!

writer Nimas Linggar Panggraita

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Ajibarang On Your Tour Map

Hey Pals, let me introduce my self. My name is Tedy Anggara, my nick name is Tedy, I was born on 10th April 1993. I’m from Ajibarang, and I’m still studying at sman ajibarang grade eleven. I live at Ajibarang  resident and you want to go to my house ? just get off in Purwokerto bus station. Take a bus to Ajibarang and stop at Ajibarang gas station. And from there u ride to Ajibarang resident. My house is on the left, I’m so popular there, so you will not miss it. And Ta daa !!, congratulation u just arrive at my house. Quite easy right ? talk about the hobbies I have so many hobbies that I cant explain to you one by one, like adventure, watching a movies, listen to music, posting and many more.

Now  we  are going show you our best place that you can visit right now !! here we go..!!

For the first place that I want to tell ya is, cikakak village. Maybe ya never hear about this freaking place, but I guess u will love this place even though u never visit this place yet. For the first time ya visit this place, ya will see many monkey come in and out. Because ya know why ? A local resident live together with this freaking animal, hahaha.. it looks so weird doesn’t it? Believe it or not, a local people assumes that the monkey can transform into the human and it comes from the heaven. Like in Bali the local people loves the monkey, and they believe that the monkey will never hurt as long as we dund hurt the monkey. Hmm sounds like a Tarzan huh ?

Okay, the next place we will tell ya is curug waterfall, a waterfall ?! yes that’s right we have a waterfall, but dund think it looks like Niagara, that’s too huge !! it looks like angel waterfall in African , ya know it? A beautiful water with small forest around it, and one of the most highest water in the world. Back to the topic anyway, if u want to reach this place u need walk about a half mile a way, and dund think there is a transportation, because you must walk along the forest for about an hour. A walk? Yes ya right u must walk to reach the waterfall, wow quite hard right ?! but dund worry after u arrive the waterfall all ya pains fill out with a beautiful landscape. Believe it !!
However that’s so many place that I want to tell ya, but I promise for the next time I will tell ya our local product, we call it Gastronomy Tour, never heard dund ya? Just wait our next post, See Ya..!!writer:

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Sunan Muria

About Muria name, derived from a hill called Marwah given by Amir Haj (R. Omar Said) to describe the area as a place inhabited da’wahnya namely in the area north of the Holy. Marwah spoken by local people with Muria until now. Plant name used as the name of one mountain which was originally named Mount Bald or gundil. Before Sunan Muria come in the area, a region that is Muriapada. Those that are of the opinion that the Muria name comes from the word “Honor” because the area was inhabited by an alim, a noble guardian.

Raden Umar Syaid, or Raden Said known as Sunan Muria, is one of nine including the famous guardian in Java. His first name was Raden Prawoto. He is the son of the Sunan Kalijaga with Dewi Soejinah Ngudung Sunan’s daughter. So, the older brother of Sunan Kudus.
As members of the Wali Sanga, he is responsible to broadcast Muslim northern region of Central Java. In accordance with its simpler, less interested in political issues, so he preferred to serve in rural / mountainous areas. The task was very successful. He is associate directly with the traders, fishermen and the commoners. Through lectures, classes, gatherings, etc., in the teachings that convey easily accepted by society. In berda’wah, Sunan Muria tend to Tasawwuf Science. Berda’wah mode is very wise. Javanese culture is not left, even the songs he created Java, among others Macopat, Kinanti, etc. sinom. In da’wa strategy, he focuses on the mental development of society. Physik struggle and political nature is never done.

From : Raisa Lathifah Najmina

SMA 1 BAE Kudus

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Dandangan is one of the tradition in Kudus.It is usually held before fasting month. Dandangan is derived from the word “ndang-ndang” (Javanese language) which mean be a hurry.

Dandangan is a night market. It is held in the vicinity of the minaret,all the way Sunan Kudus and spread to near by locations. There are many sellers who sell household appliances, clothes, shoes, slippers, decorative ceramics, childrentoys, food and drink.

This tradition has existed since the last 450 BC. At the time, many students of sunan kudus gathered at the “Al Aqsa” mosque. They are waiting for announcement from sunan kudus about the beginning of the fasting. The students are not only from kudus,but also from Pati, Demak, Jepara, Semarang, Kendal, Tuban, East Java etc. After praying asar, Sunan immediately anounced the beginning of fasting. The anouncement was followed by beating drum



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Minaret Kudus is one of the tourist object in Kudus. It is located beside the grave of Sunan Kudus.

The high is 18-meter tower building and the size of approximately 100 m square at the bottom of this powerfully demonstrate the system, forms, and elements of Javanese-Hindu buildings. This can be seen from the legs and body towers have been built and carved with Hindu-Javanese tradition, including motive. Other characteristics can be seen in the use of brick material which are installed without adhesive cement, but supposedly with a polished- rub until sticky and specifically the existence of a common hallway “pradaksinapatta” called at the foot of the tower are often found in temple building.

Javanese traditional construction techniques can also be seen on the head shaped tower of a building constructed with teak wood fourth pillar that sustains two stacks of roof canopy. While in section there is a kind of canopy roof peak mustoko (head) as in the peak overlap the roof of the main building of traditional mosques in Java that is clear refers to the Hindu-Javanese architectural elements

From the history, the minaret was come from Majapahit. The minaret was brought by Sunan Kudus. After he arrived in Kudus, he had build the minaret. Then, beside the minaret was built a mosque.

We are as native people in Kudus must proud of that because we have the minaret. Many people from another city usually go there to see the minaret and pray to God for Sunan Kudus.

There are many sellers. They sell everything which explain characteristic of Kudus. One of them which sell there is Jenang. So, when we go there, we can buy some handicraft for our family.

Mahardika Laksananingtyas


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Central Java’s Great Mosque

The Great Mosque is the largest mosque in Central Java and becomes an icon of tourism in the city of Semarang. The Great Mosque is unique because of its architecture is a combination among Nabawi Mosque in Medina, Kudus Mosque, and the Great Mosque in Demak.
The mosque is located on a land area of 10ha on Jalan Gajah Raya, Gayamsari, Semarang. This mosque has long been established in 2007. This mosque can accommodate more than 17,000 worshipers. This mosque also has facilities such as the Convention Hall, Plaza, Hotel, Canteen, etc.
The uniqueness of this mosque is also situated under the umbrella. Why is it unique? Because of its model is taken from Nabawi Mosque in Medina. There are six umbrellas here. These umbrellas are functioned to protect the worshipers praying outside of daylight. These umbrellas will be opened when the Ied Fitri or when there are number of worshipers.
This mosque also has a tower that ,in fact, is the tallest mosque tower in Indonesia which has 99m height and we called it Al-Husna tower, taken from the 99 names of Allah. This tower is very unique because there is a museum of Islam history in Indonesia, Restaurant or Cafeteria but this restaurant is very unique because the seats can rotate 360o, so when we eat, we can also see the beautiful scenery of Semarang, there is also a special place to see the Semarang scenery at the top of tower. Using the binoculars, we will see the houses and the roads ,like we see from close range, also there is a space used to observe the Moon by using a sophisticated binocular, usually this room will be used before Ramadhan to watch ‘hilal’ in the moon.
This Museum Mosque is very comprehensive because in here stored various objects such as Al-Quran but, the Al-Quran which saved here are all the old relics from the time of the Islamic kingdom in Java and there’s a biggest Al-Quran in here but when we come, it’s closed so we can’t take some photos of it in details, there are also clothes that formerly used by ‘Wali’ during the spread of Islam in Indonesia, The Pictures of Ulama , and there are also photos of president SBY who inaugurated the Great Mosque in 2007. Anyway, you will not regret if you visit this tower.

Written by:
Bob Aldi
State Senior High School 2 Semarang

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CHOCOLATE Cigarettes Cigars Long Tastes (dual hard pack inside)

CHOCOLATE Cigarettes Cigars Long Tastes (dual hard pack inside)

Kretek cigar is a cigar with flavors of clove cigarettes, the most successful premium grade in his class. Exclusive image Long Tastes Chocolate Cigars Kretek is the real reflection of a best standard of excellent quality raw materials, dispensing high-level expertise, prestige and pleasure of smoking is not both. Dedicated to adult men who understand the flavor of tobacco and smoking a real pleasure. Dual-pack packaging inside a hard brown-gold with the contents of 6 + 6 rod reinforce exclusive view of this clove cigarettes cigars.

SHORT CHOCOLATE Cigarettes Cigars
Kretek CERUTU CHOCOLATE medium size (hard pack)

Kretek this cigar was deliberately created to meet the needs of mature individuals who have a passionate young soul and liked the variety of challenges in his life. No wonder, Cigars Clove Brown with the slogan “His cigarette Superior Man” has been recognized as one of the prima donna of innovation clove cigarette in Indonesia and internationally. Citarasa tobacco and clove mixture of quality and taste sensation of a marriage with a cigar that packs in a modern classic is a fitting reflection smoker lifestyle. Available in packs 12 bars.

Kretek HERO
HR [HERO] SUPER GREEN – Kretek King Size (Soft Pack)

Handmade clove cigarettes with the largest sales volume and marketed to all corners of Indonesia. Strength and stability of the flavor and aroma, resulting from the processing of experts with a choice of raw materials. In accordance with the initial idea of manufacture, these cigarettes are destined only for his superior, strong personality, modern, and understand the meaning of a choice concoction of cloves and tobacco which creates flavor and aroma typical incomparable pleasure. These cigarettes have been deliberately created for smokers who can appreciate the true pleasure of smoking with the taste of the original Indonesian clove.
Raisa Lathifah Najmina
1 BAe

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Museum Kretek is the name of a museum located in Kudus central java.
Cigarettes in establishing the museum aims to show that the clove developed rapidly in the soil of Java, especially in Kudus city.

This museum was introduced starting from the history of clove to clove cigarette production process,
manually start it up using modern technology.

Cigarettes museum is the only museum of cigarettes in Indonesia.
can be found there any characters who play a major role in promoting tobacco businesses Indonesia

The building that was inaugurated and opened in 1906 was the brainchild of the governor of central Java at the time of the H.Soepardjo Roestam the purpose is save and presents a collection of objects relating to the development of cigarette companies in Kudus.

Located in the village of ductile Pejaten no.155, teak districts Kudus, Kudus district, central Java province.
Museum which stands on the area of 2 hectares of this is quite beautiful and filled with a wonderful interior museum statues and various cigarette-making equipment.
Statues fine and other ornaments works selected artists from the Kudus city can also see in this museum.

Until now, the museum is a museum clove cigarette in Indonesia’s largest, to commemorate the heroes who have contributed much in the cigarette industry in perpetuating the museum Kudus.Their administration figures through the paintings on display in the museum wall.


Alifa Indriastuti Purnama Sari

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Tanah Lot, I’m coming!


Last year, State Senior High School 2 Semarang student for grade eleven went to Bali. The first object is Tanah Lot. This object is located in Tabanan, about 20 km from Denpasar. What a beautiful place!

Created by: Lathifa Naufalia & Putri N. R. – XI Soc 1

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